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Brian D. Washington

Brian Darnell Washington is a graduate of West Tallahatchie High School in Webb, MS. He received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from Jackson State University. He is the owner of B.E.W. Construction and B.E.W. Property Management where he specializes in home rehabilitation and has rehabbed over 100 homes in the Jackson MS area.

While working on his Master’s degree he worked at the Army Corp of Engineers as a software analyst. Upon completion of his educational endeavors, Mr. Washington worked for Lucent Technologies in Naperville, Illinois where he was a Software Engineer.  While pursuing his career goals, Mr. Washington decided to return to Mississippi and give back to the place where he received his beginnings. After serving years in the public and private sector, he ventured into the medical profession where he served as a Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for Glaxo-Smith Kline and Johnson & Johnson.

After 10 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Mr. Washington returned to work in real estate investments. He is presently a resident of West Jackson and a member of the Rolling Hills Neighborhood Association & the Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He also volunteers on numerous political campaigns and wherever his services may be needed. Mr. Washington enjoys traveling, helping others, transforming neighborhoods, and spending time with his family and friends.