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We are committed to using our resources to better the community and economy. We have and will continue the process of development to support our vision to establish Jackson as the most prosperous, resilient and vibrant city in the South. Each development project brings us closer to where we believe Jackson can be. 


We facilitate bond financing options and solutions for financially sound development projects, that are located in designed Urban Renewal Areas (URA).

Development Project Funding

We facilitate redevelopment in communities of need by helping developers with the acquisition, demolition, rehabilitation, and other areas of project development. 

Parking Facility Funding

We facilitate viable parking solutions and resources for developments with proven financial hardships created by the challenge of trying to provide parking options that meet existing and projected public parking demand. 


JRA Properties

We believe all of Jackson is beautiful and worthy of development which is why we offer properties outside of our Urban Renewal Areas. Click the button below to see our list of vacant properties.

View Properties
$ 5,000.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.21 0 STILLCREEK DR
$ 5,000.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.23 0 LURLINE DR
$ 5,000.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.185 0 STILLCREEK DR
$ 5,000.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.176 0 LURLINE DR
$ 164,310.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.269 0 T V ROAD
$ 5,000.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.223 0 LURLINE DR
$ 64,440.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.17 4963 LURLINE DR
Agriculture/Vacant 0.301 * see special Notes*
$ 15,000.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.231 0 FRANKLIN D RSVLT DR
$ 15,000.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.224 0 ROOSEVELT CIR
$ 15,000.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.226 0 ROOSEVELT CIR
$ 84,760.00
Agriculture/Vacant 0.16 0 E PASCAGOULA ST
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Union Station

Union Station is a beautiful, historic landmark with a rich history of expansion and renovation since its construction in 1927. Our event spaces offer the perfect setting for weddings, parties, and other special events.

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