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Jackson Redevelopment Authority

We were created to eliminate and prevent the development or spread of slum and blight in urban renewal areas of the City of Jackson. Working every day in the public’s interest, JRA’s goal is to eradicate conditions which endanger lives or property, impair growth of the city, diminish housing accommodations, cause economic or social liability, and/or create a menace to public health, safety, morals or welfare.

At Jackson Redevelopment Authority, we are committed to promoting social equity, environmental sustainability and economic growth. Through strategic partnerships with the City of Jackson, Hinds County, the State of Mississippi, and other Public and Private Partnerships, we will work together to develop vibrant and engaging communities, unique to Jackson’s culture.



Thank you for participating in this critical survey. We closed the survey on June 1 and are now reviewing the data that you provided. Your contributions will help inform our strategy for upcoming community development projects.

Current Request for Proposals


Urban Renewal Areas

Urban Renewal Areas are “slum or blighted areas that have been designated by the City of Jackson as approved areas for urban renewal projects”.


We are committed to maximizing opportunities to use our resources to help strengthen distressed communities and to help build a more equitable and stronger Jackson.

The resources and opportunities we offer include:

  • Bond Financing for Development & Parking Projects
  • Vacant Properties to Lease or Purchase for Redevelopment

The Farish Street neighborhood was added as a historic district to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The neighborhood is historically significant as an economically independent black community, and as of 1980 was the largest such community in Mississippi. Most of the properties in the district were built between 1890 and 1930.

Farish Street Forward is an initiative by The Jackson Redevelopment Authority to restore Farish Street to its former glory while also forging a modern epicenter of commerce and vitality.


Westin Jackson

The Westin Jackson hotel project, located at 407 South Congress Street, Jackson, MS 39201, opened in 2017. The hotel, filled with modern charm, is a 10 story, 169,000 sq. ft. full-service hotel with 203 stunning guest rooms, a full-service restaurant and wine bar, and 12,000 sq. ft. of amazing event space. The Westin Jackson is in the heart of Downtown Jackson, just one block away from the Convention Center Complex.

This project represents over $65 million of initial public/private investment and significant annual economic impact from property tax revenue, sales tax revenue, hotel tax revenue, and full- and part-time jobs.

Westin Jackson Hotel on South Congress Street